Southeast Asia’s Best Guides

Southeast Asia Guide Awards

Audley’s Southeast Asia Manager, Natalie, thanks the host of the First Audley Guide Awards

A great guide can really bring a country to life and we spend a good deal of time training our guides in Southeast Asia.

Each year we collate all the client feedback from the previous year to draw up our list of preferred guides for the coming season. This time we decided to take things a step further and invited the guide with the best feedback from each country within Southeast Asia to attend an awards ceremony to receive their award in person.

Our partners in Vietnam offered to host the event and on the weekend of 3rd-5th June all the planning became a reality as 21 guests from all over Southeast Asia arrived in Saigon. We were treated to a fantastic welcome dinner on the Friday night.

Saturday started with a city tour, another sumptuous meal at lunchtime and then an afternoon of presentations and workshop activity before the awards were given out to the deserving guides.

The farewell dinner involved yet more delicious Vietnamese food, as well as traditional music and dancing and then some audience participation with people from each country getting up to present entertainment from their homeland.

The whole event was fantastically organised by our Vietnamese partners, and enjoyed by all participants.

Here is a list of the winners

Mr Darapolrith Mea Cambodia
Ms Margaret Low Singapore
Mr Komsam Suwannarat (Jerry) Thailand
Mr Khamla Vilayphone
Mr I Made Mawa Usadha Indonesia
Mr Ab. Za’abar Bin Ab. Bari (Zeb) Malaysia
Mr Jonathan Koh Boon Jing Malaysian Borneo
Mr Nguyen Van Loc Vietnam
Ms Tran Thi Hong Van Vietnam
Mr Phan Anh Ly Vietnam

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3 Responses to “Southeast Asia’s Best Guides”

  1. Lisa  on September 23rd, 2011

    I met Mr. I Made Mawa Usadha years ago and would like an e-mail address so as to contact him.
    Thank you

  2. Jerry  on November 5th, 2011

    I have just met your journalist client, Ms Howdan and her two children. They love the programs with the elephants very much. I brought them to the Railway Market in Maeklong too. That was really another highlight.
    Jerry komsan suwannarat

  3. Jerry Komsan Suwannarat  on June 5th, 2012

    Thank you Audley Travel for another Tourist Guide Award 2012. This is my second time and two consecutive years I was granted this valuable award. Thank you to all my lovely clients who allow me to show the wonders if Thailand