Fire brigade called out to Audley HQ to save cow

Audrey the cow

Audrey the cow relaxing in the grounds of the mill

Working at the ‘New Mill’ (Audley Travel HQ) in Witney, surrounded by fields and the river Windrush, you would expect to see plenty of wildlife.

Only a couple of months ago a kingfisher flew into the office and had to be captured and released. Then there was the muntjac that appeared one day, our resident chickens, and the swan that hisses at you on the way to the allotment.

Over the other side of the river are the farmer’s cows accompanied by their calves, but one cow likes to get just a little too close to the action.

No.73 or ‘Audrey’ as she’s been nicknamed, has been wandering up to the windows and peering in at our surprised sales staff on the bottom floor. Maybe she has high hopes of travelling further afield?

Only last week a team lunch was interrupted by Audrey taking an unhealthy interest in the sandwiches, the benches have never been evacuated so fast.  As I write this blog  the fire brigade were called out today by a dog walker concerned that Audrey was stuck in the river. She wasn’t, but wherever she is this cow attracts attention!

Maybe she just enjoys human company, but for now we’d rather she moo-ved back to the other side of the river and rejoined her black and white friends.

Audrey joins an outside meeting

Audrey joins an outside meeting at the mill