End of the road for classic cars in Cuba?

Classic car, Cuba

Classic car, Cuba

An iconic feature of Cuban roads, the classic cars of Cuba may become a symbol of the past.

Cubans will soon be able to buy and sell cars, ending the ban on trading cars bought after the 1959 revolution. President Raul Castro has decided to relax rules on Cuban car ownership, meaning locals can now buy or sell used vehicles freely for the first time in half a century. The new regulations also mean that Cubans can now own more than one used vehicle and will no longer lose their car if they emigrate.

It is thought that the move, along with new laws permitting home sales, are part of an effort to boost Cuba’s struggling economy, improving the private sector by moving hundreds of thousands of workers off the public payroll.

There are still some tight restrictions in place though, with the right to buy a new car limited to Cubans who earn some foreign currency, such as doctors, artists and musicians.

So will the much-loved, battered Chevrolets and Buicks disappear from the narrow streets and alleyways of Cuba? Probably not for a while, which will please tourists and photographers around the world.

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2 Responses to “End of the road for classic cars in Cuba?”

  1. DICK BARTON  on November 18th, 2011

    Looking at a trip to Cuba (possibly) some time in August 2012.
    What do you have about that time or what can be designed?

  2. Shaun Embury  on November 21st, 2011

    I have forwarded your comment to one of our Cuba specialists, who will be in contact with you very shortly.