Ashmolean Museum opens new Ancient Egypt galleries

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford recently opened the doors to its new galleries of Ancient Egypt and Nubia. Its old Egyptian galleries have been redesigned and extended with state of the art facilities. This means that more than double the number of mummies and coffins are now on display, along with many of its other artifacts that have been in storage for decades.

The galleries have been designed to take visitors on a chronological tour covering more than 5000 years of human life on the Nile valley, from prehistory to the 7th century AD.

As well as the mummies and coffins on display, you will also be able to see the museums other iconic objects, such as  the wall painting depicting Akhenaten and Nefertiti’s daughters, the Shrine of Taharqa from the temple at Kawa; and the enormous limestone statues of the fertility god Min which date to 3300 BC.

Visit the Ashmolean Museum website to find out more about its new galleries and when to visit.

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