New species of monkey discovered in Burma

The alien-looking snub-nosed monkey is new to science

Burma has been in the news quite a lot lately, mostly with regard to the ongoing political situation, but news of a recent new wildlife discovery has certainly got the world’s primatologists very excited.

Looking like something from a science-fiction movie, photographs of the newly discovered snub-nosed monkey were taken remotely and at night using camera’s which were activated by infra-red sensors – hence them being black and white. These were placed high up in the remote mountains of Burma’s northern Kachin state, which borders China.

Although it’s very unlikely you will ever see the Burmese snub-nosed monkey in person there is still plenty to see and experience in this delightful country, much of which continues largely untouched by mainstream tourism.

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One Response to “New species of monkey discovered in Burma”

  1. Mjclemm  on January 20th, 2012

    Um.. You got the contrast wrong. If you would have softened up the “Monkey” and teen a tad of the detail away to blend in to the pictures backround and not so dark on the monkey, well it may have been good, you just did Not Go the extra mile to pull this off. I give you a “c” for trying, and an “F” in Execution of manipulation.. Overall, bad job at the very best…sorry.. Not real…