Planet Earth Live

Ringtailed lemurs

Ringtailed lemurs

Dangerous wildlife encounters, heart-breaking tales of survival and clever camerawork come together once again for the BBC’s latest daring adventure, Planet Earth Live.

Separated by some 13,144kms and six time zones, co-hosts Richard Hammond and Julia Bradbury present six live episodes tracking real-life dramas of animals in the wild. Hammond is in Kenya’s Masai Mara following the Marsh Pride lions in a battle of wills, while Bradbury’s team comes face to face with black bears in Minnesota. Add in little titbits from polar bears in Svalbard, giant otters in Peru and birthing meerkats in the Kalahari, and you’ve got this season’s warm and fuzzy Frozen Planet.

Three hours of footage a week will be screened for three weeks on BBC1 from 6th May.

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