Tango Festival y Mudial – Buenos Aires

Final stage: Tango Dance World

Final stage: Tango Dance World

If you’re planning a trip to Buenos Aires in Argentina this year you may like to coincide it with the ‘Tango Festival y Mundial’ or ‘Tango world Festival’.

Held from 14th to the 28th August activities include a concert on Saturday 18th August, a ‘Grand Milonga’ on Sunday 19th, and a night at the Colon theatre on Monday the 20th August. The festival is an expression of passion, a commitment to heritage and the growth of the Tango.

Thousands of dancers and audiences around the world come to the city to participate and experience the various activities and dance competitions. The festival is a celebration of the diverse culture that makes Buenos Aires unique.

To find out more visit the festival website: www.festivales.gob.ar (use Google Translator to view the page in English) or to plan a trip to Argentina with Audley contact our specialists on 01993 838 630.