New marine park created for the protection of humpback whales

Breaching humpback whale

Later this year a new marine park will be created off the coast of Western Australia to protect one of the biggest calving areas for humpback whales in the southern hemisphere, where more than 1,000 humpbacks can be found during the calving season.

The new park announced by Ministers from the State Government of Western Australia will be called ‘Camden Sound Marine Park’ and will cover nearly 7,000 square kilometres off the coast of Kimberley.

A ‘special purpose zone’ will be created, which will cover around 1,670 square kilometres and prevent vessels from coming within 500 metres of the humpback mothers and their calves.

The park will be the first of four new marine parks to be created under a $63million Kimberley Science and Conservation Strategy. Other parks will be created at Eighty Mile Beach, Roebuck Bay and the North Kimberley.

In addition to protecting the humpback whales the park will also protect seagrass and macroalgal communities, extensive mangrove forests, tidal flats, and the habitats for dugong, sawfish and dolphins, plus the tidal waterfalls around Champagny Islands and Montgomery Reef.

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