New Tiger Nation website

Tiger Nation - supporting tiger conservation

A new website for tracking tigers in India’s national parks has been created.

‘Tiger Nation’ is still being developed, but once it has fully launched visitors to the parks will be able to upload their photos of tigers with user friendly software which will identify the tiger and allow the visitor to track its movements in the park.

The site will enable visitors to watch tigers on film, read diaries about tigers and their cubs, get behind-the-scenes action and share photos and experiences.

Not only will the website be an educational tool but it will allow visitors, photographers, guides and naturalists to contribute photos to a powerful tiger database that Field Directors and Forest staff will also have secure access to.

The site will include Google Earth flying safaris around the parks, tiger histories, family trees, tracking maps and video footage. There will also be blogs from experts, naturalists and community members and park officials where possible, games and top quality articles on tigers, reserves and wildlife.

ID software will monitor and record tiger movements daily, monthly and over a lifetime, identifying tigers through their stripe patterns. To find out more or to register visit the Tiger Nation website.

For Audley Travel our clients will be able to find out about the parks and the individual tigers they may see before they visit. We will also receive regular news updates directly from the parks through Tiger Nation.

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