More unusual wildlife spotted at Audley

Our peahen enjoys his new sourroundings

The peahen lacks the vibrant plumage and colours of the male peacock

We’ve had Gizmo, the escaped Peruvian owl, regular visits by Muntjac deer and herons - and not so long ago No.73 or ‘Audrey’ as she was nicknamed - the wandering cow who regularly peered through our office windows at us.

Our latest interloper is a  peahen (female peacock) who has been spotted wandering around the grounds in the last few days and today was seen having a nap just outside. We think she might have escaped from a nearby farm and so, like Gizmo, we’re expecting the owner to appear anytime soon.

We enjoy our regular wildlife encounters here but there are limits: we definitely hope we don’t see one of the residents of nearby Crocodiles of the World swimming in the River Windrush anytime soon.

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