A culinary adventure through China

Hotpot meal, Chengdu

Hotpot meal, Chengdu

Chris, one of Audley’s North & Central Asia specialists, gives his opinion on the recent episode of BBC2′s ‘Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure’ and shares some of his first-hand experiences of cooking and tasting chinese cuisine while travelling in China.

“Another mouth-watering episode of ‘Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure’ – BBC2, Sunday 19th August. I can’t wait to try some of those Chinese and Uighur dishes in Kashgar in a couple of weeks.

This excellent series is in week three now, and has visited Beijing, as well as Sichuan and Chengdu. On my last visit to China I was lucky enough to visit a local family home, in Beijing’s traditional Hutong District, where I was taught the basics of Chinese home cooking by the mother of the household. It was very impressive to watch her conjure up some delicious dishes with such simple ingredients. I was given the chance to try and make a dish for myself, and I really enjoyed making local style dumplings.

Sichuan is home to some of the spiciest food to be found anywhere, and I love trying Chengdu’s local restaurants. The best places are often the least conspicuous, with no English menus. The street food in rural Sichuan I have eaten has been fabulous as well, even if I have not always been too sure what I’ve been eating.”

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