Brazilian Film Festival, London

4th Brazilian Film Festival of London

4th Brazilian Film Festival of London

Taking place in London for the fourth consecutive year, the Brazilian Film Festival is to be held on 21 – 25 September 2012 at the Odeon on Panton Street, London.

Divided into two categories, features and short films, the festival is sponsored by BNDES. Highlights include ‘Xingu’, produced by Fernando Meirelles and directed by Cao Hamburger, which depicts the trailblazing adventures of three brothers in central Brazil in the early 1960s, a story which ultimately led to the creation of the Xingu National Park.



The festival demonstrates the cultural diversity of Brazil, with a mixture of comedy, drama and adventure. On Tuesday 25th September the Crystal Lens Award will be given to the best film in each category chosen by popular vote.

Feature Films

September 21st
‘I’ll raffle off my heart’ (Drama, 6.20pm)
‘Captains of the sand’ (Drama, 8.30pm)

September 22nd
‘My Country’ (Drama, 4.30pm)
‘Totally Innocent’ (Comedy, 6.30pm)
‘Raul’ (Documentary, 8.30pm)

September 23rd
‘Jorge Mautner – The son of the Holocaust’ (Documentary, 4.00pm)
‘Two Birds’ (Drama, 6pm)
‘Rock Brasilia’ (Documentary, 8.30pm)

September 24th
‘The Long Journey’ (Documentary, 6.30pm)
‘Kings and Rats’ (Comedy, 8.30pm)

September 25th
‘Heart of Samba’ (Documentary, 6.30pm)
‘Xingu’ (Drama, 8.30pm

For more information about the films showing at the festival visit the film festival website.

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