Operation Iceberg

Operation Iceberg (www.bbc.co.uk)

Operation Iceberg (www.bbc.co.uk)

Operation Iceberg is a new two-part series co-produced by the BBC and the Discovery Channel, starting this Sunday on BBC2.

The five week mission was carried out by a team of scientists and film makers in July this year, and included photographer and wildlife expert Chris Packham. Their aim: to follow the spectacular story of an Arctic iceberg,

The programmes will explore ice and how it behaves, both as a glacier flowing toward the sea, and then after it breaks off into an iceberg.

In part one the expedition set up camp on the west coast of Greenland, at the front of the colossal Store glacier, from where they attempt to track the vast forces driving the creation of icebergs.

In programme two the filming team will interview the scientists as they conduct experiments on and around an iceberg, to better understand how it interacts with the ocean beneath.

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